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LIEBMANN – the most mysterious character of BERLINALE 2016. Directed by Jules Herrmann


Christine film poster

ANTONIO CAMPOS’ CHRISTINE – a troubled life re-examined/re-imagined.  A fascinating character study amplified by Rebecca Hall’s most astonishing performance. @SUNDANCE2016


THE PROJECT OF THE CENTURY, the second feature film of the Cuban filmmaker CARLOS MACHADO QUINTELA, is a rich, playful, sophisticated postmodern work, a subtle critique of Cuban society viewed though the prism of three generations of men. @HAVANA FILM FESTIVAL 2015

L'Accademia Delle Muse

L’ACCADEMIA DELLE MUSE – A philology professor pontificates on art, poetry, love and desire and suddenly through his ideas an intriguing story and complex web of relationships transpires. Director: José Luis Guerin @LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL 2015 World Premiere


FORT BUCHANAN – With a Script Entirely Adapted from American TV Shows, this delightfully odd film presents a refreshing alternate universe of gender reversal where, alas, love isn’t easy either. Director: BENJAMIN CROTTY @NEW DIRECTORS NEW FILMS 2015

kindergarten teacher 2

THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER – Art Won’t Save the World in NADAV LAPID’s Daring Second Feature Writer/Director: NADAV LAPID@ !F ISTANBUL FILM FESTIVAL 2015

queen of earth

QUEEN OF EARTH – Dark and Disturbing Drama with Some of the Most Memorable Lines of Dialogue in Contemporary Cinema. Writer/Director: ALEX ROSS PERRY @BERLINALE 2015

russian woodpecker poster

THE RUSSIAN WOODPECKER – More Paranoid, More Fascinating Than a Bond Thriller! Director: CHAD GRACIA @SUNDANCE 2015 World Premiere


DUST ON THE TONGUE – A portrait of a seemingly unsympathetic patriarch trying to convince his two grandchildren to top him off rather than let him die of old age, because “when you really love someone, you kill them” (Columbia common sense?). Spellbinding despite its flaws. Writer/Director: RUBEN MENDOZA @HAVANA FILM FESTIVAL

la sapineza poster

LA SAPIENZA – A formally dazzling, eccentric film that offers the deepest insights in the drollest manner. Film art at its most baroque. Director: Eugène Green@TIFF 2014

kidnapping of Michel H

THE KIDNAPPING OF MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ – A Stroke of Comic Genius! A famous French writer fails to show up for a public event and the media goes crazy. The wildest speculations are voiced: was he adbucted?is the Al-Qaeda involved?will François Hollande pay the ransom? A perplexing cross between mockumentary and farce. Director: GUILLAUME NICLOUX @BERLINALE 2014


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