DOC NYC 2014

Hailed as “ambitious” (New York Times) and “selective but eclectic” (Village Voice), DOC NYC burst upon the scene in 2010 and has since become America’s largest documentary film festival. Based at the West Village’s IFC Center, Chelsea’s SVA Theater and Bow Tie Chelsea Cinema, the eight-day festival showcases new achievements in documentary film along with panels and conversations.  It also seeks to make connections that happen “only in New York.”

In 2014, the festival showcased 150+ films & events, presented by 200+ filmmakers & special guests. Below is a selection of interviews with filmmakers who presented their work at DOC NYC 2014.

RIC BURNS Interview – Enquiring Minds: The Untold Story of the Man behind the National Enquirer 

MARY DORE InterviewShe’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

JOHANNA St. MICHAELS Interview – Penthouse North

NORAH SHAPIRO Interview – Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile

TONY SHAFF Interview – Hotline