My Top 3 Digital Health Startups from SLUSH 2018

Slush 2018 was an intense two-day experience packed with tech talks, meetings and interviews with some of the most innovative health tech heads on the planet. Below is my choice of 3 health tech startups whose products and solutions intrigued me the most.


Using a proprietary blood analysis platform, this Finnish biotech startup aims to diagnose chronic disease 10 years before it becomes manifest in the body. To improve risk prediction and prevention of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, Nightingale provides a metabolic profiling technology that measures over 220 blood biomarkers.

The blood biomarker analysis service integrates an analytical technology called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Blood sample readings are combined with Nightingale’s proprietary software to quantify the different biomarkers present, providing overall concentrations of blood metabolites (e.g. glucose, lipids and amino acids).

This test goes beyond current conventional blood tests in the array of biomarkers it measures, some of these the result of the latest research in the area of preventative medicine. The platform also connects you with a health advisor who can provide tailored health advice based on your unique test results. Fast, reliable and great value for money (under 100EUR).


At the intersection of health/medical with entertainment/gaming, Flexound provides an augmented audio technology that adds the sensation of touch to the audio-visual listening experience — be it music, games, television, streaming, or movies.

The combined soundscape and feelscape is very immersive and has relaxing impact. There are physiological benefits from the multisensory integration of the sound waves, comparable to vibroacoustic therapy. Since sound is mechanical vibration of medium (air, water, solid material), we can perceive sound vibrations both by ear and by touch.

According to clinical research, the therapeutic touch is beneficial for children with autism and seniors. The clinical research with Flexound® Xperience is targeted at pain and sleep disorders and results suggests positive outcomes.


To protect human health, we need to protect the health of all living organisms on the planet.

PrimeBee is the first ever vaccine against microbial infections in honey bees whose immune systems are as affected by an increasingly toxic environment as ours are. Their method is revolutionising disease prevention in beneficial insects.